A Full service Project Development & Management company

Everyone has an idea that they want to become a reality. We are here to
insure that you
can make these dreams come true. Whether to just have
fun, generate revenue or support your business. We will put the team
together to make your project/event a success.
  • Concept / Theme: We
    provide the needed
    expertise to insure
    that your project is
    presented in the
    format of your vision.

  • Staffing:  We identify
    the most professional
    and reliable
    personnel from our
    list of experts.

  • Budgeting: We
    develop your budget
    and all other financial
    data needed to
    complete your project
    within your schedule
    and budget.

  • Management:
    Working directly with
    you we will manage
    all elements of your

  • Resources: We can
    provide Theaters,
    Sound stages,
    rehearsal facilities,
    backline, Production
    Trucks (audio &
    Video), Cameras,
    Lights, sound and all
    other equipment
    needed to complete
    broadcast quality
Norris & Associates Enterprises
Dedicated to excellence and
customer satisfaction